“Myanmar Rubber & Tire Digest” is Myanmar Edition of bi-monthly magazine “Rubber & Tire Digest”, a joint publication of Rubber World Magazine and TechnoBiz. This is aimed to be knowledge source for rubber and tire industries located in Myanmar. The content includes technical articles on various issues of rubber & tire manufacturing, business & market outlook, industry innovations, research patents, new technology/product profiles etc

Frequency: Bi-Monthly (6 Issues/Year)
Format: Digital Edition
Size: 8.33 inch x 10.96 inch


  • Print Edition: One COMPLIMENTARY Printed Copy for Each Approved Rubber & Tire Company in Sri Lanka
  • Digital Edition: FREE Subscription to all individuals involved with rubber and tire industries

Editorial Focus Calendar

  • Feb/Mar: Molding, Extrusion & Mixing
  • Apr/May: Chemicals & Materials
  • Jun/Jul: Machinery & Equipment
  • Aug/Sept: Tire Technology
  • Oct/Nov: Natural Rubber & Latex
  • Dec/Jan: Rubber Recycling & Rubber Testing

Advertisement Submission Deadline

  • Feb/Mar Issue: 10 March
  • Apr/May Issue: 10 May
  • Jun/Jul Issue: 10 July
  • Aug/Sept Issue: 10 September
  • Oct/Nov Issue: 10 November
  • Dec/Jan Issue: 10 January

Magazine Release Date

  • Feb/Mar Issue: 25 March
  • Apr/May Issue: 25 May
  • Jun/Jul Issue: 25 July
  • Aug/Sept Issue: 25 September
  • Oct/Nov Issue: 25 November
  • Dec/Jan Issue: 25 January

Advertisement Rates (Myanmar Edition only)

  • Full Page Advert (Myanmar Companies): 100 US$
  • Full Page Advert (Overseas Companies) : 200 US$

Editorial Contributions / Press Releases
Interested rubber & tire technology specialists, researchers, experts and consultants are invited to submit short articles on technological developments by email to technobiz.rubber@gmail.com or please submit online at this link.

Contact Address
Rubber Industry Department, TechnoBiz Communications Co., Ltd
2521/27, Lardprao Road, Khlongchaokhunsingha, Wangthonglang, Bangkok 10310 Thailand
Tel: +66-2-933 0077 Fax: +66-2-955 9971 Email: technobiz.rubber@gmail.com
Web: www.rubber-industry.org Contact Person: Peram Prasada Rao, Publisher

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